• Growing Love Within Your Relationship Organically

    As much as I love using Magick to enhance the love within a relationship, I also believe navigating through the hardship organically is just as magickal. Rituals and spells are beautiful ways to transform the connection within a relationship but they can only fix so much, you have to do inner work too; after all, you’re the one with the true power. This is why I don’t do certain spells for clients because they’re not willing to change their core issues or even admit them. Which in return will bring forth the same results over and over no matter how many different times we try.
  • Top 7 Crystals For Dispelling Fear

    Fear can really mess with you; it has the capability of changing our behavior and causing feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, and doubt. When we ar...
  • Are You An Intutive Healer?

    Have you been feeling like you’re more than what you’re doing or offering?

    Do you often feel overwhelmed when around others or in crowded places?

    Do you pick up other peoples pain and feel it as your own?

    If you answered yes to two or more of the questions then you may be intuned with your intuitive nature. Through intuitive healing, you’ll be able to fulfill or get closer to your life purpose while still being able to assist others. 

  • The Power of Manifesting !

    If you haven't heard this already, I'm going to tell you now: You DESERVE to manifest the life you desire.
  • How To: Lighting your Manifestation Candle

    Before you light your candle make sure you are internally ready to match the energy of the Intentions set forth in the Candle.



  • Crystals 101: Cleansing your Crystals

    Crystals are amazingly beautiful, all very unique from the next. It’s important to understand that they want to help us, they want to connect with us and work with us to make our lives better. Connecting with your Crystals by taking care of them, will ensure that they take care of you.
  • Crystal Healing 101: What is Crystal Healing ?

    With everyday benefits like lifting our spirits, clearing up acne, healing our chakras and even makeup. Crystals offer a metaphysical approach to wellness and wellbeing. We can use Crystals within our home, business, spiritual practice and studies, the list can literally go on.