Are You An Intutive Healer?


I get asked often about how I realized my gifts as an Intuitive Healer. The truth is, we all have the ability to heal but Intuitive Healers like many specialists, heal differently. Whether it is through physical, emotional or spiritual support. Intuitive Healers sense pain instinctively and can feel when one's energy is off.

Have you been feeling like you’re more than what you’re doing or offering?

Do you often feel overwhelmed when around others or in crowded places?

Do you pick up other peoples pain and feel it as your own?

If you answered yes to two or more of the questions then you may be intuned with your intuitive nature. Through intuitive healing, you’ll be able to fulfill or get closer to your life purpose while still being able to assist others. 

Take a list at my top 10 ways to decipher whether you too are an Intuitive Healer


  1. You can FEEL energy. Have you ever walked into a room, or came across a person whose energy feels tense? This is a major sign that you may have intuitive insight.
  2. You have a strong desire to help others. Have you ever stopped to help a random stranger, or are constantly giving advice to people who seem to really need it? If the answer is yes, then you may be in the field of helping others and are being guided by your intuition to do so.
  3. Listening to your advice makes others feel peace. Everyone gives their opinion but intuitive advice is usually catered to the needs of the person you’re speaking too; making your advice more relatable almost like a confirmation of some sort. if you get this often, keep it up and keep following your intuition. 
  4. You’re empathetic and feel one's pain and suffering. When I do intuitive readings, I can easily pick up other peoples emotions; I can feel the anxiety in their stomach, or the throbbing pain caused by their tension headaches. Intuitive Healers are usually emphatic by nature, so be careful and learn how to unload when other peoples load gets too heavy. 
  5. You LOVE nature; plants, animals, and the ocean. Being that Intuitives usually take so much energy from others, nature is often a reset button for us. Grounding in the beautiful green grass, sun gazing,  and just being outside period is a must!
  6. You are constantly communicating with your higher self and learning about spiritualism. If you can’t get enough of learning, and you want to expand yourself daily, you may be an Intuitive Healer. Intuitives are eager learners who need to be challenged or they will feel shallow within. You feel as if you must connect daily to Source with forms of divination like Tarot, journaling, drowsing and more.
  7. Animals, children, and spirits are drawn to you. Do you have the gift to calm down an unruly child, or can attract that feisty kitty to your side? Do you often feel spirits lingering around you? If so, your spirit generates the vibrations of that of a healer. Your Aura attracts energy to you, that may need your light to feed theirs. If you balance your needs and respect your boundaries, you can really help so many.
  8. You often put the needs of others infront of yours. Respect your boundaries, as healers we often are equipped with the ability to refill our own cup so we take up a lot for others, but you also need to know when to say no, or just hold space vs make space for people and their needs.
  9. You’re a creative at heart. Do you often battle with feeling the need to express yourself? Do you always want to create, and birth new projects or ideas? Your need to create expands from your intuitive nature to want to give back to the Universe vs take.
  10. You feel highly overwhelmed or exhausted when spending time with ‘negative’ people. Do you dread going around that friend or family member that is constantly troubled or has toxic energy? Are you randomly tired after leaving their side? Then you may be picking up a lot of their energy intuitively. Usually, their lower frequency attaches to yours for replenishment making you feel sluggish out of nowhere. Save your energy and avoid them if not able to help or protect yourself with grounding exercises or Crystals like Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Labradorite or Lapis Lazuli.

Ok, I think I'm an Intuitive Healer, but what now? 

If you answered yes to most if not all of the questions above then congratulations! You have a gift! But what now? 

You can do so much when you tap into your gifts, you may want to explore meditation, yoga, spiritualism, or forms of divination. Practicing Tarot daily, dream journaling, Crystals, and Third Eye balancing just to name of a few can heighten your intuition. Help a random person in need or volunteer with children or in your community garden. Pay attention to your intuition and what your body and the universe is trying to tell you. You may notice synchronicity, or start to see or feel differently. Everyone is different, so make sure to follow your spirit and what resonates with you! 

Whether you decided to use your gifts on yourself or to help others being aware of them is the first sign to connecting with Source. Once you have tapped in, the possibility of healing yourself and those around you are endless. 




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