Crystals 101: Cleansing your Crystals

When people ask me what can they do to better connect with their Crystals. My immediate response is, "Have you cleansed them yet"? It's true that Crystals are amazing. They're powerful beings filled with knowledge, energy, and healing. But they won't offer much without the proper cleansing.

The definition of Cleanse: /klenz/verb Make (something, especially the skin) thoroughly clean. Rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling.

Your Crystals have been traveling a great distance before reaching the comfort of your home. So they need to be programmed to channel your energy so they can properly work for you. Remember every living thing operates on a vibrational level. This is why Cleansing is very important and beneficial.

With so many ways to cleanse, it can be quite overwhelming. To make it easy for Y'all, here are my Top 7 effective ways of cleansing your Crystals. Shall we get to it?


My personal favorite! Smudging and Blessing Herbs is the use of burning herbs, or incense to deep clean a person, space, or object. Sage, Myrhh, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, and Lavender all work well in removing negative or stagnant energy.

1. Light and burn your herb/incense of choice

2. Allow the smoke to really submerge your crystals and gems

3. Hold for a few minutes I like to include affirmations and say them out loud. Example: “ Please remove any negative and unwanted energy from this (crystals name)." I also Smudge myself starting from my feet, moving upwards.

2. Sunlight:

Sunlight transmits a lot of energy, primarily uplifting and positive. The rays of the sun penetrate the stone and remove past programming and energy. Orange, red and yellow Crystals like Carnelian, Citrine, Red Jasper, and Orange Calcite benefit the most from the sun.

1. Grab your Crystals and Gemstones (be mindful because some may fade under the sunlight)

2. Envision the sun clearing any negative or stagnant energy from your Stones This method is highly effective, plus we can ALL benefit from some Vitamin D.

3. Allow them to sit outside or on the windowsill for at least two hours (all day for larger stones)

3. Moonlight:

How lovely is the moon? the moon’s light is enough to shift and remove any and all energy from your crystal. This is the ultimate cleansing, especially on a full moon. The energy of the moon is so powerful because of its constant phases, each phase harnesses different energy. I find this works best when you place them outside instead of on the windowsill (but both will do).

1. Grab your crystals and place them in a safe container, box, or on window sill

2. Allow them to sit under the moonlight overnight (even if it is cloudy outside they will still benefit)

3. Before bed intentionally think of the energy of the moon cleansing each Crystal Your Crystals will be ready come morning with a burst of powerful renewed energy.   

4. Earthing/Grounding:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE grounding both for myself and my Crystal babies. Grounding is so beneficial for many reasons. Connecting with Mother Earth allows for restoration to occur. When you allow the Crystals to connect back with Earth, it can really cause a deep cleanse to happen.

1. Grab your Crystals and place them on the grass, or a freshly soiled pot.

2. If able to, keep buried for two days (if not 2 hours will suffice)

3. Remove and wipe clean ( you can also wrap them in a cloth, or a paper towel beforehand )

I suggest afterward you take the time to ground as well, you can use the Crystals you've just cleansed or ones that are meant for grounding. While barefooted stand straight up with feet firmly on the ground ( can be done inside, but outside is best) hold a Crystal in each hand. Close your eyes and envision your negative energy being sucked into the Earth core. Stay this way for 30 mins or until you feel a release happen. Thank me later!  

5. Sea Salt/Water:

Sea salt is one of the most powerful energy cleansers. Salt, in general, pushes negative energy out and blocks it. Mixed with water, another transformative force, this combination is one of a great outcome. Be mindful though because not all Crystals can be mixed with water, for they will dissolve easily.

1. Grab all of your water-friendly Crystals

2. Leave them in the sea salt bath for no more than a day ( I usually do overnight or 3 hours)

3. Remove and get rid of the bathwater

4. Allow for the Crystals to dry.

Another effective form of cleansing with Sea Salt is adding your Crystals in a bowl of salt and covering them completely. Leave for up to 3 hours, dispose of the Salt. DO NOT USE 

If you don’t have sea salt, regular salt will do. You can also omit the salt altogether and just use water. Follow the same steps, or simply run the Crystals under a stream of running water.  

 6. Sound:

Everything is energy that is vibrating on different frequency levels. Crystals that need to cleanse, are vibrating on a lower or slower frequency that's why using sound shouldn't be overlooked. Incorporating bells, singing bowl, chimes, or drums can really uplift their vibrations. Aiding in removing low and unwanted energy.

1. Choose the instrument of your choice

2. Place your crystal close to the instrument so it can absorb the sound waves

3. Allow the music's frequency to shift the energy in the room.

The sound may be dull at first but after a while, you will hear it transform to a clearer sound. When using bells, I like to use multiples of two and just continuously play them until I physically feel a shift in energy. This will also work with Jazz or Instrumentals!   

7. Citrine and Selenite;

Both Citrine and Selenite have cleansing, charging, and purifying qualities. Which means they organically release and cleanse the energy of other Crystals without releasing that of their own. How badass is that?

To use

1. Place Crystals on a Selenite charging plate or near a large Citrine stone

2. Allow crystals to sit, I recommend 5+ hours or overnight

This method is commonly used in Crystal Shops and with Crystal Healers. Selenite is also a very calming stone, so it helps to have it nearby. 


Crystals are amazingly beautiful, all very unique from the next. It’s important to understand that they want to help us, they want to connect with us and work with us to make our lives better. Connecting with your Crystals by taking care of them, will ensure that they take care of you.

I am curious to hear about your cleansing methods. What method have you tried or prefer? Please feel free to comment below any suggestions or feedback you may have. Remember to always follow your own intuition and do what's best for YOU!

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