Crystal Healing 101: What is Crystal Healing ?

Crystal Healing is the use of Crystals to aid in the physical, mental, and spiritual betterment of a person.

Crystal healing has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, the earliest known usage of Crystals was the Sumerians. The Sumerians were known to travel all the way to Afghanistan to collect a beautiful blue stone by the name of lapis lazuli. Lapis Lazuli was a popular stone amongst them. Its mystical properties made it a favorite within their magical traditions and ceremonies. Ancient Egyptians were also very fond of Lapis Lazuli, Cleopatra especially. It was said she would make her servants grind the stone into fine dust to make her iconic eyeliner. The Egyptians left a vast record of their history with Crystals. Pharos favored Carnelian, Malachite, Turquoise, Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli and Quartz. They would get crystals that were local and favored for their distinctive qualities.

It was The Greeks who named them though. The Clear Quartz sparked the name Crystals, they believed the clear quartz was a form of "special ice". The Greeks were also convinced that crystals were gifts from the Gods/Goddesses and if you wore them as jewelry it would bring you closer to Heaven. Roman Soldiers used Crystals like Turquoise, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, and Amethyst in amulets to carry protective energy and guidance. The Roman’s were the first to discover Jasper and Amethyst. The Chinese favored carved Jade pieces to bring abundance and success to the home or business. To this day Jade is a sign of wealth, health and good fortune. Native Americans used Crystals as talismans and as carvings of images and their myths. They would also weave Crystals like Agate in dream catchers to keep nightmares away. During the Medieval Times, Amethyst took up the name as the Sobriety Stone, it was said to clear up drunkenness. Amethyst has that “sobering” effect on overindulgence because it cleanses the blood, eases headaches and reduces pain. More examples of crystals and their physical correlation are Sapphires, a popular crystal in India. They aid in mental balance. Jasper is said to bring sexual vitality and help with your equilibrium. Jade is associated with the kidneys. Hematite, which is made out of iron, is associated with iron production and blood detoxification. In fact, every Crystal is associated with a metaphysical and physical component that is connected to our spiritual and physical body.


I personally believed in Crystals the moment I received my first Clear Quartz. I connected with it, asked for permission, and attuned it for protection. I can’t tell you how many times my Quartz alerted me of negative energy lingering around. With that being said, I always try to carry a crystal or two with me while away from home. I call them my “home away from home”. 

Let me tell you about a personal story of mine. I needed to head into the City for a few things, so I decided to pack a Septarian, a.k.a The Dragon Stone, a Kombaba Jasper, Amethyst, and a Black Obsidian; but before they could even settle in my pocket I felt overwhelmed. My nerves skyrocketed, a wave of emotions came rushing to my conscious and honestly I wasn’t ready to deal with them, especially not now because, for the most part, I felt good. I just needed a little centering before I left my apartment (in the light of keeping up the honesty, my anxiety was on the verge of saying “hi, remember me?”). I asked my boyfriend to bring me my Citrine and Clear Quartz from our bedroom, I paired those two with my amethyst and obsidian, and I immediately felt at ease. I started to feel confident, motivated and overall happy, which was the exact mood I needed. Crystals are in constant communication with us, and they hold the vibrational power to alter your mood and brighten up your day. Formed by the natural alignment of minerals over time, crystals and precious stones are charged with energy. This is why I always tell people, when selecting your crystals allow them to speak to you, let your vibrations connect with the Crystal. In order to really feel their benefits, you must first believe in their power.

“ A crystal is a solid body with a geometrically regular shape. Crystals are the earth DNA, a chemical imprint of evolution. Some have been subjected to enormous pressure, others grew in chambers deep underground, some were laid down in layers- all of which affects their properties and the way they function. Whatever form they take, their crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy, especially on the electromagnetic waveband.” – The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall

So Let’s take it back to the first set of Crystals I mentioned earlier. Which included the Kambaba Jasper, Septarian, Amethyst, and Black Obsidian. Looking back each crystal has intense healing properties, especially for negative emotions.

Jasper: a beautiful and mystic dark green stone that brings out negative emotions, allowing for releasing and healing.

Septarian a.k.a the Dragon Stone: cream and brown stone that enhances prominent feelings and heightens concentration. 

 Amethyst: a beautiful light to deep purple Quartz that aids in protection and guidance.

Black Obsidian: a volcanic glass that is great for Grounding and an absorber of negative energy. 

I was so affected by the set, because they connected with my negative emotions, creating an opportunity for me to be mindful. Together it was like an exorcism, extracting my negative energy; purging it all out. And while I usually honor my emotions and go with what my spirit is telling me, today I needed centering…not reflecting. Crystals are facilitators, which makes it hard to avoid certain emotions. But it’s up to you and your intuition to know what to listen to and to which emotions to give into. Hence the reason why I opted for: 

Clear Quartz: a master healer and energy stabilizer. 

Citrine: yellow quartz that brings joy, optimism, and abundance.

Amethyst: The traveler’s stone, and offers protection.Black Obsidian: Helps with centering and grounding.


With everyday benefits like lifting our spirits, clearing up acne, healing our chakras and even makeup. Crystals offer a metaphysical approach to wellness and wellbeing. We can use Crystals within our home, business, spiritual practice and studies. The list can literally go on. I can’t wait to share more information with you guys, because there’s literally so much you can do with crystals and I’m so here for it all! Just remember healing comes in all forms and is crucial to our spiritual and mental growth. Crystal healing works best when used in conjunction with modern medicine, physical activity, and meditation.

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