How To: Lighting your Manifestation Candle

Instructions: Sparking Your Candle

Before you light your candle make sure you are internally ready to match the energy of the Intentions set forth in the Candle.

If you’re not ready for the change to be manifested in your life, it will reflect in the way your candle burns. So meditate for a few beforehand to solidify your intentions.

Next, Sage and cleanse your space and person, to get rid of any negative energy or lingering energy.

Your candle is intended to be lit for seven days, ideally allowing it to burn for the full seven days is best.  If you’re not able to then every time you turn it off keep the energy of your intentions within your mindset and when turning it back on declare to yourself and the universe you’re reigniting the flame to heighten the energy of your intentions.

If you can leave it on for the full seven days please be careful where you place it and ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS AROUND CHILDREN AND FLAMMABLE OBJECTS.

I like to keep my candle in a  flat bowl filled with water , so it remains balanced while I’m away.  Or in the bath tub away from the curtain (again please use your better judgment when selecting a place for your candle )

For receiving its best to place in front of house, business or office  preferable by the door   

For removing place in the back of house by the window or back door  


Moving forward, after clearing your mind of any blockages or toxic thoughts, and cleansing your space. You’re going to light the candle. Think about your intention while doing so


(For Better Business/Money Candle::think about your business becoming bigger and better, by attracting more clientele, or think about money coming to you in every business decision you make, allowing wealth to steady increase and coming to you consistently)

(For Love Candle::think about the type of love you want and from where, envision your life being filled with love, respect, and everything you desire, you can even be specific about your relationship status or potential partner.)

(For an Overall Abundant Life or Everything Candle:: be as specific as you can in ALL aspects of your life this candle deals with everything form business/money, love, peace, tranquility, road opener, friendship, and protection )

After the candle is lit you want to meditate with that intention watch the flame and visualize that flame being the passion that drives you. Work with the candles energy to bring forth manifestation in your life.

The candle is working with the energy you already have to help create change faster therefore coming to you sooner.


❗️Always thank your Divine Source after asking for something❗️


Please be mindful the flame when lit, and write down whether it is large, small , weak or strong. Whether it gave your trouble or burned quickly. Also if it makes any noises. It’s always good to keep note. While the candle is burning, out action behind your words, pay attention to your surrounding for signs and blessings, be mindful of your thoughts and words, and most importantly believe you are deserving.   

Also if the herbs are too close to the wick please push back before lighting , contents tend to shift during shipment.


Thank you,

The Crystal Bruja

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