Top 7 Crystals For Dispelling Fear

Fear can really mess with you; it has the capability of changing our behavior and causing feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, and doubt.

When we are constantly living in a state of fear we are ultimately denying ourselves a life truly worth living. It will stop us from chasing our dreams, accomplishing certain goals, moving, or even something as simple as meeting new friends. 

As a person who welcomes both shadow and light, I embrace fear and allow it to teach me a little more about myself. I know that there's importance in meeting your fears head-on with a brave and curious face.

I found that when working with these particular Crystals, you can eliminate certain types of fears and transmute that energy into positive and welcoming thoughts. Hopefully after reading and working with these Crystals, fear can be something you are no longer afraid of. 


1. Tiger's Eye 

A very uplifting Crystal, Tiger's Eye is known to bring a state of high vibrations by combining Earth's energy with the Sun's energy. You can use this Crystal against fear, ill wishes, and even cruses by placing it on your person, around your home or business. I especially like working with Tiger's Eye when it comes to pushing away fears of succeeding in business/entrepreneurship. By placing it on your navel It helps ease anxiety and pushes you closer to accomplishing your goals by promoting clarity and encouraging commitment to oneself. Other properties of Tiger's Eye are resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts. It also heals and aids in issues of self-worth, mental trauma, self-criticism, and blocked creativity. 


2. Hematite

Not only does this Crystal work amazingly well for grounding but it also harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit. To control those overwhelming thoughts and protect your aura from negative energy and fear. Hematite is great to work with if you have fears towards legal issues and feelings of unfairness. Hold Hematite in your dominant hand when you want to dissolve that energy and bring in balance. Hematite also allows you to come to terms with your mistakes and focus your attention on a resolution instead. I love suggesting Hematite for clients who have a blocked or underactive Root Chakra because it helps boost survivability and enhances will power, allowing you to build on your basic survival needs. Release deep-rooted fear and trauma by placing Hematite on the base of your spine and meditating. 


3. Charoite

The beautiful purple color of Charoite alone can bring peace of mind to a person. This Crystal is perfect for those of you who have a fear of change. Wearing Charoite can help you cope with enormous and sudden changes. Charoite promotes deep and emotional healing, pushing away thoughts of anxiety and contemplation. Let go of profound fears when working with Charoite, it will help you overcome resistance by putting things in perspective  by reducing stress and worry. If you want to learn to accept your present circumstance and live your truth place Charoite over your Heart Chakra and meditate with it for at least 10 min. 


4. Orange Calcite 

Orange Calcite is highly energizing so it will help reduce fear and bring forth positive thoughts. Balance emotions, especially in regards to depression and self-worth. Connected to the Solar Plexus, Orange Calcite will remove fears of not being good enough and maximize your potential. If you really want to work to understand your frights and worries, Orange Calcite can assist. Place on your navel area when in need of making better decisions or when needing a boost of confidence. Use under the pillow as you sleep to help with nightmares and to dissolve subconscious terrors and thoughts. 


5. Snowflake Obsidian

A very protective and grounding Crystal, snowflake obsidian will help calm and soothe unwanted fears and thoughts especially when it comes to stress or mental anguish. Work with this Crystal to get you in the right frame of mind, and focus on your success instead. Especially beneficial for those who are introverts, it will help push away overwhelming thoughts and wrong thinking. Place on Root or Crown Chakra to ground, and release. 


6. Smoky Quartz 

The best anchoring Crystal for those who fear run deep. Releases low vibrations, fears, and stresses. Assist in tolerating difficult times by shifting your energy towards resolutions and new goals. Best for those who feel stuck when met with difficult challenges, place in your pocket or wear on your person to get the most out of this Crystal. A great crystal to work with when you have doubts and fears surrounding manifesting your desires, it calms the nerves and dissipates negative thoughts. Place on your Root Chakra to calm nerves, or on your navel to bring in drive and confidence. 


7. Red Jasper 

Red Jasper is an amazing stone to work with when it comes to fear expressing yourself sexually. Work with Red Jasper if you are too timid in speaking on your sexual desires or needs, especially when communicating with your partner.  If you have experienced sexual trauma, place a Red Jasper on your Sacral Chakra and focus on releasing all your anguish and pain. Work with this stone closely if you have issues of being triggered or moving forward. Red Jasper also helps with those who are hesitant with self-expression and communication, working with it will allow you to find your inner voice and confidence. Place on any of your lower Chakras to balance and energize. 

Next time you find yourself in a state of panic, take the time to figure out where the fear is coming from, pull out a Crystal and start healing!

Also, there are so many other Crystals that you can work with, these just so happen to be my top ones to assist in different states of fear and anxiety. If you have one in particular that you prefer to work with, I would love to hear about it. Drop a comment below and tell me which one and why! 

I look forward to hearing from you, stay tuned for the visual coming soon to my youtube channel don't forget to subscribe for updates 



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  • Just when I thought I knew all about my crystals, I just learned so much more today. This helped me so much because some times I have bad dreams when fear and bad thoughts take over. Now I know what crystals to get for that and where to place it for the crystal can connect and eliminate this specific fear. This was super informative. Can’t wait for that YouTube episode on this!!!

    Crystal Pimentel

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