The Power of Manifesting !

If you haven't heard this already, I'm going to tell you now: You DESERVE to manifest the life you desire. I feel like people over-complicate the word manifest. They often make it seem unattainable; but the power of manifesting is simple, especially with the right frame of mind.

With intentional thought, speaking and action you have the ability to create change. Whether it be within ourselves, or our reality; the change is possible. When you begin to dive into the world of manifestation, you discover "The Law of Attraction"; attracting what you want into your life and manifesting it into existence. 

In this post, I will go onto explain more about how this law works, and how it doesn't only have the possibility to bring abundance and a wonderful outcome, but it can also bring despair and negativity ... if not used properly.

With that being said, there are so many ways you can manifest the best life for you. You can do this by using intentional thought, chants, candle magick, herbs, intentional oils, calling onto your ancestors, and of course Crystals. The possibilities are endless.

My favorite way though is with Written Intentions, Manifestation Candles and Action. I found that writing a powerful and descriptive Intention works really well. For me being able to write it down and see it on paper really gives me that added focus when putting forth the actions to match.

With the following steps, I'm going to tell you how to prepare your space, mind, and self properly, to vibe higher. I will also teach you how to write an effective and descriptive (and not so descriptive) Intention/Petition.

Let's Begin! First, Cleanse your Space. 

I prefer smudging with White Sage (White Sage is best to use during cleansing rituals and more check out our blog Cleansing 101  to learn more about cleansing.  You can also burn Lavender, Bay Leaves, Frankincense, Palo Santo, and Myrrh, just to name a few. 

You want to use a fire safe bowl, or an Abalone Shell to catch the ashes while you're going around your space. When smudging you want to open all windows and doors if possible and allow the smoke to clear away the negative energy and stagnant vibes.

You can also visualize the smoke clearing your auric field. If you don't have either of those you can also use a large Clear Quartz, Citrine, Selenite, or Tourmaline to remove and absorb the negative energy around your space. While using Crystals its best if you meditate with them and visualize them doing the same as with smudging. Cleansing is good to remove any negative energy, that can alter the energy in which you are trying to have work in your favor. This is why it's a step that should always be taken first.

Also, follow your intuition for when is the best time to stop, and once you feel secure about your cleansing time, Proceed to the Next Step.

Next, you want to Clear your Mind. 

With anything in life, it's best to have a free and clear mind, no blockages, or toxic thoughts that may contradict that in which you want to attract. This is something I work on daily. You never realize how many unnecessary thoughts we allow to play a significant role in our life until you start to pay attention. Whether negative or positive thoughts, they will ultimately create your reality. Insert The Law of Attraction.

This law is unbiased, so it will not only work in your favor but may also work against you. This is why thoughts are so important. You want to think as if:

a) You ARE deserving

b) It is YOUR'S

c) You are READY for everything you desire.

Each work together to let the Universe know that what you are asking for, is something in which should be yours already. So when you think, think as if it is your physical reality.

Next, we must Speak It Into Existence! 

You want to claim that shit, own it, and take it. Speak words that you only wish to see manifest in your life. This step works super closely with our thoughts and is just as important. Our realities are perceptual, we see what we believe, so if we believe and speak as if we are poor then we will probably continue to live that way. We tend to live a life that keeps us within our own mindset, a life we have been programmed to believe is all we can achieve.

Just like affirmations, our words are setting the vibrational blueprint for our energy to create a physical alteration in our lives.  A study was done by a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto who showed how words can alter the molecules of frozen ice. This is why positive thoughts and positive speaking is so crucial. The saying "think before you speak" and "speak only of what you mean" aren't just sayings, they're the actual rules of life!

Ok, so before we write this Petition, let's go over the bases once more: 

Cleanse Your Space: Clear your space and person of toxic thoughts or energy.

Clear Your Mind: Free all the thoughts in which hold you back, all the thoughts that create fear or are simply negative.

Speak It Into Existence: Claim it, own it, because it's yours if you truly want and ready for it. 

With this formula, I have been able to manifest amazing things like an apartment, suitor, money, my business, and even a car. I helped my partner and I manifest over $3,000. I also manifested horrible shit in my life, like an accident, an abusive partner, bad grades, the list can go on. This was before I realized how powerful my words and thoughts could be.

Now we are ready to write that Intention! You may also hear it being referred to as a Petition both mean the same. Which is a written request to the Universe (or whatever/whomever you speak to) asking for help, guidance, and or permission to receive all that you may need, want or desire.

How To Write A Strong Intention: First Start with your full name, and birthdate. You want The Universe to know exactly who you are, and not be confused with an another "Jane Smith".  Next, write down the date on which you are writing this intention on if you want you can even add the time. This is basically for you to have as a reference. Now for the best part, writing your declaration. There are many ways to write an Intention, but this one for me has worked the best.

Example #1: is a detailed and precisely written Intention, it was written as if it was already in existence. This way requires sure certainty in what you want, this one is best written only after you really thought long and hard. Like I said before do not waste your time or The Universe's with asking for things in which you are not ready for.

EXAMPLE #1: I Jane Smith born on January 5th of 1988 am writing this Intention on October 20th at 3:33 pm to let The Universe know I am ready for the life I want. I am happy, and at peace. My home is filled with beautiful energy and bright yellow walls that fill me with joy. I have a small herb garden that I am able to cater to at least twice a week. I enjoy the spare bedroom that I have created into studio space. I am creating every day... You see I have written all that I WANT as if it was already MINE. I was as specific as I could be because I took the time beforehand, to be honest, and clear with my thought and intentions. This is why writing your petition ONLY when you are READY  is super important. I seriously can't stress this enough, by now I think you more than get it.


Example #2 is for those who are not totally sure, in a sense that you may not know exactly what you want, but you do KNOW you are ready for change. Like say you want love to enter your life but not really sure how you want the person to look or you may not really care about that. You can also keep it fluid but direct.

EXAMPLE #2:I (insert same from above) on etc, am looking for love, I want to be happy and respected by my partner. I am open and ready to all that I deserve and will not settle for anything less.  I want to travel, grow, and settle down with this person. They will be kind, gentle, loyal, honest, financially stable, and good in bed. Etc Etc.

You see how I kept it as direct as I could, I declared I wanted these things by informing The Universe more so the concept of my wants rather than the specific needs of my partner's physical appearance. 

Again this is YOUR life and you want to manifest the best life you can, so always follow your intuition.

We made it to the last and most crucial step Taking Action and Detachment! Get up and get to moving ! Unless you're trying to manifest something in your home, you now need to get out the house and physically claim your awaiting awesomeness. If you're trying to manifest that perfect home, go looking at them, call a few realtors. If you're trying to manifest more business, put forth more incentive at work. Place a Tigers eye, Carnelian, or Citrine in the cash register. Or burn our Better Business Candle.

Do things that align with what you have been asking for. Push yourself to vibrate higher. Taking action is super important because it allows you to physically match yourself with other like-minded frequencies that will guide you to your best life. You're showing the Universe that you're dedicated and true with what you're asking for.

Detachment is also important to your manifestation process. Detaching yourself to what you expect to receive will eliminate stress, worry, and control which are all blockages to receiving your blessings. Have faith that whatever happens next is all divine timing and alignment, even if it seems to be all wrong. Understand and decipher what the universe is trying to show you.

Now all you have to do is pay attention to how you're thinking, saying and moving. If you follow these steps, you too will be on your way to Manifest the best!

Also before I leave I want to say that working with Crystals, Candles and Oils to create change and manifest a better life has helped me tremendously but the power is solely within YOU! 


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