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Readings can be done to bring forth guidance and clarity when one is feeling lost. Along with her innate gifts and spiritual tribe, The Crystal Bruja's connection is pure and honest as she delivers her guided messages.

What makes getting a reading with The Crystal Bruja different? To start she is always honest and direct.  She also makes sure you're equipped with the tools you need after each reading; whether that be recommending one of her products or a guided meditation each session is used to uplift and empower. As with any spiritual service please use your intuition to guide you. 

How To Book Your Session:

To book a session with The Crystal Bruja, an Intuitive Healer, and Spiritualist choose the reading that is best for you. Then follow the button that says "Schedule Appointment" choose the time and date that best suits you. You can choose to buy a reading now and book for a different time and date by selecting "Buy with Paypal"*. 

Also I do not provide refunds for any spiritual services once purchased or booked. I will accommodate credits for any other services of the same value or we can reschedule to a better date.  

*With this option, you're agreeing to be accommodated to the best of my availability. I cannot promise I will be able to accommodate the time and date you wish to request. All bookings are done 24hrs in advance.

If you wish to book a same-day session, please contact me directly at If you have any questions or need help choosing a service you can contact me directly. 

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