The Crystal Bruja Events


Come and join us at one of The Crystal Bruja's workshops! 

Starting it off in her hometown of Miami, The Crystal Bruja has hosted workshops on subjects like: ManifestationCrystal Healing, Chakra Healing, and Full Moon Meditation Circles & Rituals. Along with her soul sister, event coordinator and business owner Crystal Lee Pimentel, of Network with Crystal Lee (NWCL) they've joined together to create a community of like minded individuals. The Crystal Bruja loves to extend her knowledge plus passion to speak on what she believes in the most.


 "I aim to always stray grateful, humble and close to my tribe as possible. I love speaking about my passion and allowing others to not only connect with my energy but to allow me to connect with theirs as well. With every workshop and meditation circle I host, they are able to learn exercises, tools, and ways to amplify their personal power to heal themeselevs and community. "

Not only does she offer vital information, and interactive exercises The Crystal Bruja also offers her Crystal Healing Jewelry and Metaphysical Tools for sale at all of her workshops.  


A Chakra Healing Workshop led by The Crystal Bruja


So come by to learn, participate and amplify your energy at our next workshop, we would love to see you there! 


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