Cleanse and Protect Candle

Cleanse and Protect Candle

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Our Cleanse and Protect Manifestation Candle helps eliminate stagnant and unwanted energy while also creating a safe space and barrier for you and your spiritual energy. Also great to burn during or after a cold or if feeling anxious. This candle comes with 2-4 Crystals.

Burn anytime you feel the need to cleanse yourself or space. Great to use with our Cleansing and Protection Spiritual Bath. 

Crystals shown:

White Howlite: insight, peace and anti-stress

Amethyst: focus, mental clarity, and anti-anxiety 

Black Tourmaline: absorbs, and deflects negative energy, grounding

Clear Quartz: protection, insight, and cleansing 


Crystals used may vary in size per batch.