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Group Cord Cutting Ritual

Group Cord Cutting Ritual

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This is a cord cutting group ritual that will be perform during the week 7/25; when the waning moon is shifting into the new moon.

An etheric cord-cutting is an energetic way of cutting ties with people, situations, or habits. If you are experiencing yourself constantly being pulled towards someone, or pulled back towards a habit you keep repeating; you may be experiencing a severe energetic connection. 

This ritual consist of Candle Magick in which we use fire to destroy the bonds between you and the subject. This also includes a guided meditation where you are guided on how you can use the power within to severe the ties as well. Lastly, this ritual will be closed with a sound therapy session for grounding.

This will be pre-recorded and sent to directly to you, therefore you can watch when you’re ready and have the meditation and sound therapy session on hand.   

 *Space is very limited.