Love Thyself Candle

Love Thyself Candle

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Our Love Thyself Manifestation Candle will shower you with self-love and confidence. Bring forth a whole new perspective as you burn this candle and cater to your most inner needs and desires. Our Love Thyself Candle also comes with 2-3 Crystals known to bring forth love, and confidence. 

Burn this candle with a written petition to yourself, dressed with a splash of our Love Me Oil. If you're looking to really connect and enhance to your energy within; burn while taking a soothing bath with our Love Me Herbal Bath, and a few drops of our Love Me Oil added. 

Crystals Shown:

Rose Quartz: love, harmony and calming 

Rhodonite: compassion, self-love, and forgiveness 

Botswana Pink Agate: universal love and unconditional love


Crystals used may vary in size per batch.