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Magnetism Oil

Attract and magnify with our strong and powerful Magnetism Oil. Curated to draw in money, success, love, basically all forms of good luck. 

You can use alone to draw in wealth and success in all your desires or with our Manifestation Candles to heighten its intentions. Or simply anoint a piece of paper with your written petition. However, you decide to use as always proceed with caution and follow your intuition. 

Comes in a 2oz dropper bottle with a Malachite crystal inside. 

Better Business Oil

Amplify sales, clientele, and bring in some better business with our powerful Intentional Oil. One of my personal favorite, especially for spiritual entrepreneurs. 

Anoint your Better Business or Mo'Money manifestation candles, or add a few drops to your cash register or business space. If you have a money altar, cleanse your altar and tools with this oil and watch the magick happen.

Comes in a 2oz dropper bottle with a Citrine crystal inside.

Mo'Money Oil

Mo'Money, Mo’Money, Mo’Money is what you’ll receive when using our Mo’Money Oil. Curated to bring forth new money, old money,  all money while it comes forth from unexpected places. Great to use when you need some quick cash or trying to enhance your abundance and cash flow.

Anoint our Mo’Money Manifestation Candle daily as it burns. Can also be rubbed on your wallet or dollar bills. Use daily to increase and multiply funds.  

Comes in a 2oz dropper bottle with an Aventurine crystal inside. 

No Bad Vibes Banishing Oil

Banish those negative vibes and energy with our removing oil. Great to use for spell breaking, or eliminating rituals. Only use when you're fully ready to withdraw from whatever it is that you're asking. 

Anoint a black candle or our No Bad Vibes Manifestation Candle. You can also use in a bath with our Cleanse and Protect Spiritual Bath. 

Comes in a 2oz dropper bottle with a Black Tourmaline crystal inside. 

Road Opener Oil 

Open your roads to all the possibilities that the Divine has in store for you. This oil will help you manifest the life you desire by removing obstacles, challenges , people and negative energy out your way. Receive your blessings and open the window to opportunity. 

Wear when going to a job interview to receive good feedback or anoint applications. Add to a green, gold, white candle or one of our dressed Road Opener Candle. Add a few drops to your Road Opener Spiritual Bath for the ultimate Road Opening experience  

Comes in a 2oz dropper bottle with a Malachite Crystal inside